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Hello Members,

Here is a quick update on what’s been happening this winter with CMRG. The efforts have been centered around getting the D-STAR system back in operation.

On November 6, 2015, Dave, WA6IFI made a trip to the Methodist Mtn site to change IP address on the D-STAR router and to install a rebuilt server. Our ISP had changed their network configuration, forcing us to change the IP address of the router. The installation and router change went well. Rich, N0RAP, was able to remotely access the router and server and made the necessary updates to both units. KD0QPG is now operational. Dave tried to go to the Fremont Peak site, about one mile away, but the road was already snowed closed. This was the last trip to the site for the winter.

On March 9, 2016, Dave, WA6IFI, made a trip to Cheyenne Mtn to re-install the duplexer and cavity filters on the VHF D-STAR repeater, which had been removed for retuning. This repeater has marginally better performance, but still needs some more work to solve the sensitivity problem. Dave also met with Jim, W9KOZ, the site manager for Cheyenne Mountain to review a recent electrical inspection. Several grounding problems were identified in the report which need to be taken care of. Jim also removed the duplexers for the .76 RACES repeater to have them checked at a local RF lab. Plans were also discussed on installing another equipment cabinet to house the 1200 MHz D-STAR equipment.

Quick trips to Cheyenne Mtn were recently made to re-install the .76 duplexers (notable improvement) and to fix the wireless internet downlink, including installing a surge suppressor (noted in the electrical inspection report). Thanks to Jim, W9KOZ and Mike, K0HYT, for their help.

On March 18, 2016, Dave, WA6IFI, made a trip to the Raton Pass site to install a new router on the D-STAR system and to meet with the tech for our ISP on the site. Upon initial inspection, it was found that the UPS in the cabinet had failed which supplied power to the server and router. The UPS was bypassed and a new router installed. The connection to ISP was made and we now have internet connection back to the site. Additional work is needed by the ISP to provide us with the static IP needed for D-STAR connection. Progress is being made.

This summer, we will have several projects to complete. In no particular order, these projects are:
Install 1200 MHz D-STAR equipment on Cheyenne Mountain
Complete the back up generator connection on Fremont Peak
Install the repeater system on Deer Peak
Update the equipment on Raton Pass analog repeaters
Update Deer Peak

Some of these projects will be multi-day work parties. More information will be coming out on these projects.

Thanks for your support.

CMRG Board

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