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CMRG Annual Meeting

Topic: CMRG Annual Meeting

Time: Oct 28, 2023 11:00 Mountain Time (US and Canada)

Zoom Meeting

contact for the link and passcode

Badger Mtn Repeater

The 147.360 repeater on Badger Mtn is now back in service and linked into the VHF system.   For review, the following repeaters are linked and operational:

147.345 – Colorado Springs
448.550 – Pueblo
145.430 – Raton Pass
145.295 – Salida
147.360 – Wilkerson Pass
All repeaters use 107.2 CTCSS tone

However, the BADGR APRS digipeater is down for repairs.

Thanks to all who kept track of me on yesterday’s trip.

Dave Novotny, WA6IFI

New CMRG Repeater in Pueblo

We now have a CMRG repeater in Pueblo.  Here are the details:
   448.550 (-5)
   Tone: 107.2 Hz (like all other CMRG repeaters
     Antenna: Diamond X-50 at 18’ above ground
    Location: NE of Pueblo on Baculite Mesa. It is at the base of the 960 foot tower that is east of I-25.
    Coverage: north to at least Fountain, east, south , and west don’t know yet.
     This repeater is linked to the VHF system including Cheyenne Mtn, Salida, Badger Mtn, and Raton Pass.

Signal and coverage reports are appreciated.

Thanks to Derek-K0ATV, Rick-KE0GB, and Dave- WA6IFI who worked to make this possible.

Baculite Mesa Site

The latest edition to the CMRG network is the site on Baculite Mesa which links our Cheyenne Mountain site (147.345) to the Salida site (145.295) and the Badger Mtn site (147.360).  We will soon add a UHF repeater (448.550) repeater to the Baculite site.  

We share the small building on Baculite with the SkyHubNetwork.  Over the past couple of months, the high winds we experienced have damaged the roof of the building.  We basically need to put on another layer of roofing material.  Skyhub is working to get the material, but needs help in getting the material on the roof and installing it.  We need to help with this.  As a side effect of the average age of hams is getting older, we don’t have as many “young bucks” as we used to have. 

Here is what is needed.  We need 3-4 people to help out on Baculite to get the roofing material on the roof and do the installation.  Timeframe is in the next 2-4 weeks.  Baculite Mesa is a drive-up site.  No need to have a high-clearance vehicle or a 4×4.  Drive time from Colorado Springs is just over an hour.  

If you can help out, please contact me either by phone or email.  

Thanks for your help and support.


Dave Novotny
Chairman, Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group, Inc
Chairman, Methodist/Fremont Tower Users Group, Inc
CFII, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, 
Rocky Mountain Flight Training Center

Link from Cheyenne Mtn to Salida Re-established

I’m pleased to announce that the link between the Cheyenne Mountain 147.345 MHz repeater and the Fremont Mtn (Salida) 145.295 MHz repeater has finally been re-established.  Last Saturday, Rick Hendricks, KE0GB, Derek Brown, K0ATV, and Dave Novotny, WA6IFI, travelled to Pueblo to install the (missing) link which connects the 147.345 and 145.295 repeaters.  A missing cable and a DC distribution box  kept the installation from being completed.   Dave made a quick trip to Pueblo today to install the box and cable.  Now the link is complete again.  Cheyenne Mountain, Salida, Badger Mtn, and Raton Pass are all linked.  

Thanks to all who helped out with this installation and to those who have patiently waited for the link to be completed.


Dave Novotny

Chairman, Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group, Inc

CMRG Annual Meeting 2022

Hello Everyone!

It is time for the Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group to have their annual meeting. We are going to hold it Saturday 29 October, 2022 at 10 am start time.
It will be by a Zoom meeting.

The Zoom information has be sent to the mailing list. If you missed it please contact a club officer.


It is time to ask for your annual dues. 

Pay via the web site or a check in the mail:

PO Box 25294
Colorado Springs, CO 80936


As a member of CMRG I would like to invite you to respond back to me and I will send you an invitation to become part of  CMRGinc @ .

You will be able to get group emails about things going on with CMRG. Things like announcements there is a trip being planned to a Repeater site to do repairs. Announcements about outages and/or repairs or enhancements to systems. And maybe requests to assist with radio frequency checks and monitoring.

Please reply to K1PCS @ and request an invitation to the ‘email reflector’ group.

PLEASE SHARE this notice with others. Attending the Zoom meeting to learn more about CMRG does not require membership. 

de K1PCS
Phebe Swope
CMRG Secretary

CMRG Annual Meeting 2021

Hello Everyone!

It is time for the Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group to have their annual meeting. We are going to hold it Saturday 16 October, 2021 at 10am start time.
It will be by a Zoom meeting.

The Zoom information has be sent to the mailing list. If you missed it please contact a club officer.

CMRG Annual Meeting

The Annual meeting of the Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group will be held in Saturday October 31, 2020 so 10:00 AM. Due to social distancing and meeting concerns, we will be having a virtual meeting via ZOOM. Meeting log in details and agenda will be sent shortly. There will be 3 board of director positions up for election at the meeting. If you are interesting on being on the board, please let me or any board member know.

Thanks and 73,

Dave Novotny, WA6IFI
Chairman, CMRG

New 900 MHz Repeater

Fellow hams,
With the great help from Mike, K0HYT, Jason, K0WTF, and Hants, KD0CXL, a new analog 900 MHz repeater was installed on Almagre South. It is at 12,347 feet. The repeater is on 927.7625 MHz (-25) using 114 DPL.  If you have 900 capabilities, give it a try. 

Dave Novotny, WA6IFI

CMRG Annual Meeting

The Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group, Inc will hold it’s annual meeting:

El Paso County Emergency Communications Center
3755 Mark Dabling Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Saturday October 26, 2019
9:30 am Meet and Greet
10:00 – 12:00 Meeting

The annual meeting is required by our By Laws. At the meeting, we will conduct the business of the corporation and select two board members. The board members whose terms are expiring are:

Mike Palmer, K0HYT, currently serving as treasurer
Stephen Mitchell, K7CB, currently member at large.

Both Mike and Stephen have indicated they are interested in another term. Nominations will also be taken from the floor.
Coffee and refreshments will be available at the meet and greet, which is a time for us to get together and put a face to the callsign. You must be a member of CMRG in order vote. You may join at the meeting.

Please feel free to post this on other reflectors and websites. We look forward to seeing you there.

Dave Novotny, WA6IFI
Chairman, Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group, Inc