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The VHF system includes the 147.345+ repeater on Cheyenne Mountain and the 147.360+ repeater on Badger Mountain at Wilkerson Pass overlooking South Park. These repeaters are cross-linked to the 448.100- repeater on Cheyenne Mountain. IRLP Node 3854 is also on this repeater. This system provides continuous communications from just south of Denver, east to Punkin Center, south to Walsenburg, and west to the Salida / Buena Vista / San Luis Valley area. All VHF system repeaters use 107.2 Hz PL on transmit as well as receive.

The UHF system is comprised of the 448.000- repeater on Cheyenne Mountain, and the 449.650- repeater on Fremont Peak. When fully linked, these repeaters provide communications between Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Salida, the San Luis Valley and the Arkansas Valley.

The Cheyenne Mountain repeater system has completed several major moves and system overhauls. Part of the improvements include two new (to us) buildings, a tower, and the addition of the Icom D-Star system.

D-STAR is Icom’s digital repeater system with Internet linking and callsign routing to repeaters and D-STAR radios worldwide. Our D-STAR system includes Cheyenne Mtn 145.385-, Cheyenne Mtn 446.9125-, Cheyenne Mtn 1287.91250-, Methodist Mtn 446.975-, and Raton Pass 446.775-. Typically these are linked to Reflector XRF720 with other Rocky Mountain Front Range D-STAR systems. For special use these repeaters can by unlinked or to other repeaters or reflectors as needed.

We are currently experiencing Internet connection problems on Raton Pass. When D-STAR repeaters lose their Internet connectivity they can only act as a local repeater.

Our other repeaters include the 53.13 6m repeater, and the 927.850 (114 DPL) “900 MHz” repeater.