Repeater Status

VHF System (Linked)
Cheyenne Mtn 147.345+
Cheyenne Mtn 448.100-
Badger Mtn 147.360+
Fremont Peak 145.295-
Raton Pass 145.430-
  All 107.2 Hz PL
UHF System (Linked)
Cheyenne Mtn 448.000-
Deer Peak 449.625-
Fremont Peak 449.650-
Raton Pass 449.600-
Badger Mtn 449.700-
  All 107.2 Hz PL
D-Star System (Internet Linked)
Cheyenne Mtn 145.385-
Cheyenne Mtn 446.9125-
Methodist Mtn 446.975-
Raton Pass 446.775-
Other (Not Linked)
Cheyenne Mtn 927.850 (- 25MHz)
  DPL 114
Cheyenne Mtn 53.13-
  107.2 Hz PL
Cheyenne Mtn 146.760-
  107.2 Hz PL

Link Status

Badger Mtn - Cheyenne Mtn
Cheyenne Mtn - Fremont Peak
Fremont Peak - Deer Peak

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About CMRG

The Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group, Inc. is established to promote radio knowledge, operating efficiency, and to conduct programs and activities relating to amateur radio, radio communications, public service, and emergency communications. It is dedicated to providing quality communications throughout the coverage area. The Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group is incorporated as a Colorado non-profit organization.

The CMRG operates repeaters on a number of mountains in Colorado and New Mexico. The repeaters are grouped into four systems: VHF, UHF, D-Star, and other unlinked repeaters.

Cheyenne Mountain Repeater Group Inc.
P.O. Box 50331
Colorado Springs, CO 80949