Repeater Status

VHF System (Linked)
Cheyenne Mtn 147.345+
Cheyenne Mtn 448.100-
Badger Mtn 147.360+
Fremont Peak 145.295-
Raton Pass 145.430-
  All 107.2 Hz PL
UHF System (Linked)
Cheyenne Mtn 448.000-
Deer Peak 449.625-
Fremont Peak 449.650-
Raton Pass 449.600-
Badger Mtn 449.700-
  All 107.2 Hz PL
D-Star System (Internet Linked)
Cheyenne Mtn 145.385-
Cheyenne Mtn 446.9125-
Methodist Mtn 446.975-
Raton Pass 446.775-
Other (Not Linked)
Cheyenne Mtn 927.850 (- 25MHz)
  DPL 114
Cheyenne Mtn 53.13-
  107.2 Hz PL
Cheyenne Mtn 146.760-
  107.2 Hz PL

Link Status

Badger Mtn - Cheyenne Mtn
Cheyenne Mtn - Fremont Peak
Fremont Peak - Deer Peak

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  • Quality Coverage in Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico
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  • New Internet linked D-Star System
  • 6m Repeater
  • 900MHz Repeater
  • 6 Quality Mountaintop Sites

For less aggressive or single family ham, there is a standard membership. The standard membership is $25 per year. For the more aggressive ham, or ham family, interested in doing long distance QSOs on FM and interested in special features, like remote bases, and extended membership is available. The extended membership is $40.

Electricity, site fees, telephone, maintenance, and insurance takes up a lot of your contributions, and upgrades are constantly required. Anything extra you can afford will help make the system even better. If monetary contributions are not possible consider a donation of your time or radio equipment.

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